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2023 Full Moon Cleansing Calendars

Why do you want to do a parasite cleanse during the full moon cycle?

During the full moon cycle, our serotonin levels increase, which is what parasites use to move around your body, feed, reproduce, and get stronger. They also use your body's serotonin to communicate with each other & create more biofilm to hide in. During the full moon cycle, they come into the intestinal track, so it's a more optimal time to kill them with herbs and flush them out with organic coffee enemas (click here to purchase my favorite enema kit).

Keep reading to see the full moon parasite cleansing calendars for the rest of 2023 and be prepared to screenshot/save them to your phone for future reference).

You will cleanse on every day that has a green check mark. You want to have a binder for your cleanse & make sure you're having a minimum of 1-2, easy to pass bowel movements per day, before attempting a parasite cleanse.....2-3 bowel movements per day is even better!. For those that aren't familiar with binders, click here, to read my blog on binders, how to use them, and which ones are optimal.

When you do a full moon parasite cleanse, it's optimal to follow the "Kill, Bind, Sweat" protocol, which was made popular by Doctor Jessica Peatross. I have my clients take their anti parasitic herbs with a meal, or right before a meal...two hours later, take a binder (binders should also be taken 2 hours away from any other medications, or supplements)...after you take your binder, do something to work up a sweat and/or get the lymphatic system moving, like gentle exercise, dry brush, massage, take a hot bath to raise your body temperature, sit in the sauna, sit in the sunshine, dance, use a vibration plate, jump on a trampoline, etc. After your sweat session, be sure to replenish your body with plenty of trace mineral drops and/or adrenal cocktails (click below for 9 adrenal cocktail recipes).

Adrenal Cocktail Recipes
Download PDF • 36KB

People ask me all the time, if I have certain products I recommend for parasite cleansing.... I really don't, because we are all bio individual and react/respond to things differently. I really don't have a one size fits all protocol for parasite cleansing. It's going to be different for every client I work with, because what works for one person will not always work for another.

There are SO MANY wonderful & affordable products out there for parasite don't need to spend a lot of money. For your cleanse, besides having a binder, you will need anti parasitic herbs (or anti parasitic homeopathics), as well as herbs for liver/kidney support.

Where to Buy Everything You Need For a Full Moon Parasite Cleanse:

I highly recommend making a profile for yourself on my Fullscript account, where I offer 20% off all orders; plus, you get free shipping on orders of $50 or more!! Click here to take advantage of the discounted prices on my Fullscript account!

Some of the best herbs for getting rid of parasites are wormwood, clove, garlic, black walnut, neem, olive leaf, and oregano!

Personally, I love using tinctures, because you can start at a very low dose & see how your body handles it. I always advise my clients to start with 1/4 of the dosage that is recommended on the product they purchase. You never want to be too aggressive in the beginning of a cleanse, because it can be very hard on the body. It's also beneficial to switch up the herbs you're taking every time you do a parasite cleanse, as this keeps the parasites from becoming immune to what you're using.

Who Should NOT do a Parasite Cleanse?

Some people should not do a parasite cleanse (like those that are pregnant, or breastfeeding). There are some individuals that might be extra sensitive, so their body might not be ready for a parasite cleanse (like those dealing with adrenal fatigue, those having MCAS symptoms, etc). This is why it's best to start with something gentle, like homeopathy, instead of herbals. I have affordable homeopathy options on my Fullscript account, as well, so click here to make an account.

If you're not sure if your body is ready for a parasite cleanse, please reach out to me. If you have any questions about which homeopathics, herbs, binders, or liver/kidney support would be best for you, please reach out. I offer FREE, no obligation, 20 minute consultations and I'm happy to help in any way I can.

2023 Full Moon Parasite Cleansing Calendars

*This post is for educational purposes only & should not be taken as medical advice.

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