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Angela Stinson"Parasite Mamma"


Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Certified Behavior Change Specialist

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

I'm Angela Stinson, aka "Parasite Mamma," and I'm a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. My greatest passion is to teach my clients how to tap into their own, innate ability to heal themselves! I do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases, but I wholeheartedly believe what I've learned can help others; in fact, I've seen it help others! 
In the beginning of my own health journey, as I was researching ways to heal my body, I discovered that at least SEVENTY PERCENT of the world's population is struggling with health issues that are related to an overgrowth of parasites! A parasite feeds off the host (you) and causes health issues, often depleting the body of the nutrients it needs to thrive. Parasites not only deplete your body of precious vitamins and nutrients, but they can have a direct impact on your moods and the foods you crave! 

Besides parasites, the other "root causes" of disease are:

*Heavy metal toxicity

*Mold toxicity

*A Disregulated Nervous System (from stress, anxiety, unresolved past trauma, etc)

*Exposure to man-made toxins

*Breast implant illness

*Dental issues (like root canals, amalgam fillings, and cavitations)

*Stealth pathogens (like Lyme, which is more common than breast cancer) 


All sickness and disease stem from one of these. No matter what diagnosis your doctor has labeled you with, you can see a VAST improvement in your health (like I did), when you address these factors!


Healing your body the natural way takes time... it's not a quick fix. I am very transparent with my own healing journey and make it very clear to my clients that I am also still a work in progress, so it's important to stay the course and give yourself grace. Besides addressing the main "root causes" of disease with my clients, that I mentioned above, I also implement the following methods in my practice, in order to better empower my clients to heal themselves:

*Opening the drainage pathways (lymph, bowel movements, breath work, and sweating)

*Nurturing the nervous system 

*Eating a whole foods diet and eliminating processed foods

*Daily sun exposure 

*Resetting the body's circadian rhythms

*Daily earthing/grounding

*Implementing gentle exercise/movement

*Eliminating/avoiding environmental toxins


My practitioner rates are $150 per hour, but reach out to me privately for more information about my FREE 20 minute consultations!

*Disclaimer* Nothing on this website is intended to be used as medical advice, nor to treat, cure, or diagnose any medical conditions. All information is for educational purposes only and what you choose to do with this information is up to the discretion of you and your medical provider.

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