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The Old Me

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My Children and Me Today!


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My Journey to Healing:

My entire life, I was plagued with constant health issues. It all started at the age of six, when I began to have chronic anxiety attacks and as the years went by, things only got worse. Besides the anxiety constantly plaguing me, I also struggled with depression, hormonal issues, adrenal fatigue, candida overgrowth, poor circulation, poor immunity, chronic migraines, fatigue, nervous tics, obsessive compulsive behaviors, PTSD, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, past trauma that was unaddressed, multiple chemical sensitivities, food sensitivities, IBS, exposure to black mold and other environmental toxins, rotting and cracked teeth, plus multiple diagnoses of autoimmune disorders (including hyper-mobility syndrome, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatic, and eventually, Lupus).

I was also a single mom for over 15 years and while I did work full-time for about six years, I eventually became too ill to work. My doctor advised that I get on permanent disability. While I was grateful for the disability income at the time, it put me in an income bracket that was way below poverty level. I spent years buying the cheapest things I could find at the grocery store, eating from the fast-food chains "dollar menus," and making meals from whatever we received from the food bank. I was completely unaware that I was poisoning myself and my children, by eating this way. Sadly, my children were also following in my footsteps and were taking multiple medications and dealing with health issues.


As the years went by, the list of illnesses that I had been diagnosed with, just kept getting longer. I was on a laundry list of prescription medications, yet nothing seemed to help me. I could barely eat, because of my digestive issues, yet the chronic, systemic inflammation that was going on in my body and my poor food choices, eventually, had me tipping the scales at over 300 pounds! I was in so much chronic pain that I could barely walk from the couch to the toilet. I used an electric scooter to do my grocery shopping and I spent my days watching hours and hours of television. I certainly didn't have the energy to cook healthy meals, keep my house clean, or give my children the parenting they really needed and deserved. Sadly, for most of their childhood, my children only new me as the mom who was constantly in pain, constantly tired, in and out of the hospital, and unable to make solid plans; because I never knew if I was going to feel well enough to have the energy to be  the "fun mom."

Finally, at the age of 36, I almost died from health complications (I had over 15 pulmonary embolisms in my lungs). I had to sign a power of attorney, giving my parents full control over the medical decisions, because the hospital did not think I was going to make it through the night. When I shocked everyone by surviving, I will never forget how the ER doctor told me, "God must want you around for something BIG," but that I needed to make some "major changes" in my life, or I wouldn't live to see my 40th birthday. That was my rock bottom. That began my journey to figure out how to heal my body, naturally.

In the beginning of my health journey, as I was researching ways to heal my body, I discovered that up to SEVENTY PERCENT of the world's population is struggling with health issues that are related to an overgrowth of parasites! A parasite feeds off the host (you), causing health issues & depleting the body of the nutrients it needs to thrive. Parasites not only deplete your body of precious vitamins and nutrients, but they can have a direct impact on your moods and the foods you crave! 

Western medicine is not trained in parasites; in fact, most medical doctors will look at you like you're crazy, if you start talking to them about cleansing your body of parasites. Mine certainly did! Parasites will self-destruct, upon leaving the body and most of them will never show up on a stool test. When I began to use herbs and foods to cleanse my body of parasites, I was shocked to see parasites that were well over a foot long in my toilet! My doctor didn't know what to think, because my stool test came back "negative" for parasites; yet, I clearly had them. He looked at me and said, "maybe it's an asparagus spine, since you eat so many vegetables now!" 

Unfortunately, this is exactly the kind of response that many of my clients get from their own medical doctors, when they begin to work on healing their bodies, holistically. It is often met with ridicule,

because medical doctors are not trained to get to the ROOT CAUSE of disease. They are trained to treat a symptom with a pill. My own doctor was appalled, when I told him I wanted him to help me wean off my 32 prescription medications, because I planned on healing myself, naturally. Keep in mind, I was told that I would need to be on most of these prescriptions for the rest of my life. Again, I am not making claims to be able to cure people, but I believe, 100%, in the body's ability to heal itself, if it is given the proper environment and nourishment!

As my healing journey has continued, I put myself through school to become a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and utilized bio energetic testing to dig deeper into my "root causes." I came to realize that I also had undiagnosed Lyme disease, co-infections of Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, mold toxicity, unresolved past trauma that I desperately needed to address (because trauma hides in the body), and dental issues that were contributing to my poor health (root canals, amalgams, and cavitations). These are issues that my children are also working through and I'm blessed to have the knowledge to help them through it.


Though my children and I are still working on addressing these "root causes," we are healthier than we have ever been and no longer take any medications! We have worked hard to undo the damage that was caused by vaccines, poor food choices, exposure to environmental toxins, past traumas, and more! It's been a long road and we are still working on it, but being able to share our story and help others has been amazing! 


Holistic healing is not linear, however. It is often a slow and frustrating process. Like I said, I am still working on healing myself from YEARS and YEARS of damage, but I feel so blessed to be able to share my story with others and use my knowledge and experience to educate my clients! There's nothing more rewarding that being able to watch my clients take their power back, heal their bodies, and live their lives to the fullest!












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