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A few years ago, I met Angie, via social media. I had been suffering with severe nausea, lack of appetite, and other gut-related problems. I had suffered for many months; attending many doctor appointments & undergoing many tests; all of which revealed nothing. This was very frustrating for me, as I knew my body and I knew it was not right!

After chatting with Angie, she felt that she could help me learn to heal my body naturally and within a few months, that's exactly what she did! With her expertise & knowledge, Angie was there for me, day & night.She was there for ALL the questions I had to ask (which were a lot) and nothing was ever a problem for her. She truly is a special soul!

By following her guidance, within a few months, I began to notice the profound effects on my health; it was amazing! I felt incredible and I have a lot to thank Angie for. I cannot put into words how amazing this lady is! If you are dealing with any health problems & would like to heal your body naturally, then there is no better person than Angie.She will go the extra mile to help anyone. She's a true inspiration!

Stephanie Dorward - 

Angela is a wonderful practitioner! She not only listens attentively, to what your issues are, but she gets to the root cause of the problem, so you can heal in a healthy and natural way!

Rashida Ali - 

Angela has a caring personality and a listening ear. It means a lot to have guidance from someone who's been through the same things and who doesn't mind all kinds of random questions! She really helped me to focus on being more gentle with my body and prioritizing my healing.

Rachel Worthington - 

Here's what I want to say about working with Angela:

I could talk to her all day! She's not only knowledgable, but she's cool and fun to talk to!

Amanda Ferguson Highers - 

Angela has helped me with many issues, like weight loss, malabsorption, autoimmune 

issues, and nutritional deficiencies. I am beyond grateful and thankful that there are options, besides harmful medications!

Suzanne Snider - 


Angela has been a huge help along my health journey. She is knowledgable about food choices, supplements, the way the body works, and the best way to support your health. She is supportive and encouraging, but allows me to take control of my won life and move at the pace I need. It turns out, Angela and I have very similar stories and backgrounds and even though we have not met in person, yet; that has gone a long way in helping me in my life. I am truly grateful that we met and that she has guided me! She is also reasonably priced!

Kim Batz - 

Angela has been extremely supportive and patient with me; willing to explain things n a way I understand. She breaks things down in an easy, simple tasks that are doable. She is passionate about my healing and health; I so appreciate all she has done for me!

Sandra LaDuke - 

Working with Angela has been great! She is attentive and she truly cares. She's very knowledgable and helpful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health!

Nathan Mummert - 

Working with Angela has been amazing! She's brought so much health knowledge to my healing journey. She's helped me with every aspect of natural healing with foods, supplements, treatment ideas, and so much more! I highly recommend her, if you're having any health issues and believe in natural healing. She's been a blessing n my life!

Letty Palma - 

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