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How to Work With Me:

1) Contact me to schedule a free, 20 minute consultation (I do free consults on Wednesdays only). You will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire, prior to the consult (click the button at the bottom of this page to fill out the health questionnaire).


During the 20 minute consultation, I will give you my very best recommendations for your unique situation, based on the information you shared with me in the health questionnaire. The 20 minute consult gives us both a chance to to get to know each other better and allows us to see if we are a good fit, to work together one-on-one. Not everyone is going to vibe with who I am as a Practitioner and that's okay. 


2) If we decide we want to work together, you will then sign my Client/Practitioner Contract (click the button at the bottom of this page, to view the contract).

Services & Fees:

*BioEnergetic Scan Package (a one time fee of $225.00). This is for people that have already ordered a bio energetic scan and their test results are now in. This package gives you a customized game plan based on your scan results, an in-depth report of the toxins that were resonating in your body, a customized supplement schedule for the remedies that were recommended for you on your scan, and a 30 minute follow up phone call).

*Group Coaching Subscription - This gives you access to my private Facebook coaching group, where you can ask me unlimited questions in the group! This subscription includes a twice a month, 25-60 minute Zoom call, where you can ask me questions live & we discuss different topics each month (the length of the Zoom calls depends upon the number of attendees, questions asked, etc, and all Zoom calls will be recorded, so those that cannot attend live can still view them later on). You will also have access to ALL my previously recorded Zoom lessons! With this option, you can put your questions for me in the group, or send me a private message. This option does NOT include private phone calls or video chats with me, customized supplement schedules, customized game plans, personalized parasite protocols, etc. Those services must be paid for separately.

6 month subscription $44.99 per month

9 month subscription $41.99 per month

12 month subscription $38.99 per month

*Pay By The Hour at $150.00 per hour - When you pay for my time by the hour, I can use that time to make a personalized parasite protocol for you and your family, make supplement schedules for you and your family, schedule phone calls or video chats with you to answer your questions, go through the supplements you currently have at home and help you figure out which ones to keep or toss, make a customized game plan for you, etc.

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