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How to Address Candida Overgrowth!

As someone who has a past history of dealing with chronic Candida, I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my symptoms (special diets, anti fungals, etc).

I have also worked with MANY clients, who came to me for help, after they had also tried EVERYTHING to squelch their horrible symptoms, so I can speak from a place of experience when I say the following:

Constantly restricting your diet of all natural sugars & healthy carbohydrates will NOT help in the long term.🤦‍♀️ In the short term, candida diets can give you some relief, but in the long run, when you try to add healthy sugars & carbohydrates back into your diet, your symptoms will very likely be EVEN WORSE than before!😣 Restricting carbs long term is very hard on your adrenals and hormones, as well, so it’s not something I recommended as a long term solution.

Candida is can't just starve it out, or kill it.😯 This is why it's a waste of time to follow elaborate diets & protocols for Candida, without addressing why it's there in the first place.😉

We need SOME Candida in our body.👍 Without Candida, your immune system cannot stay in balance, your digestive system struggles, you cannot properly fight disease, or properly absorb the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from the foods you eat.🥕🥩

Your body is a genius! 🤓 If there is something more sinister that is threatening your body, then the Candida will get overgrown, to ensure that your body is able to perform the functions mentioned above.💪

If you've used antibiotics and/or eaten the typical, SAD American diet for too long, then you're more likely to have Candida overgrowth.... but, for most of the clients I work with, the REAL reason Candida becomes overgrown is because one of these, more sinister enemies:

*A Disregulated Nervous System (from stress, anxiety, unaddressed trauma, etc)

*Mold Exposure

*Heavy Metal Toxicity

*Chemical Exposure

*Too Much Exposure to Wifi Radiation

*Stealth Infections (like parasites, Lyme disease, root canals, breast implants, etc)

*Low Stomach Acid

You have to address these FIRST, in order to keep Candida overgrowth in check.💪

Symptoms of Candida overgrowth can include:

🔹️Chronic yeast infections 

🔹️Chronic sinus infections 

🔹️Skin issues (psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, acne, hives, rashes, etc)

🔹️Fungal issues (fungus in the toenails or fingernails, athlete's foot, etc)

🔹️Chronic UTIs

🔹️Oral thrush (white coating on the tongue) 

🔹️Redness or pain in the mouth

🔹️Chronic sore throat and/or cough


🔹️Difficulty swallowing 

🔹️Digestive issues, (bloating, cramping, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, gas, etc)

🔹️Chronic fatigue & tiredness 

🔹️Brain fog & issues being able to concentrate 

🔹️Severe seasonal allergies and/or asthma 

🔹️Food/chemical sensitivities 

🔹️Anxiety & Depression 

🔹️Weakened immunity 

🔹️Cracks in the corners of the mouth 

🔹️Joint pain

🔹️Strong cravings for carbohydrates & sugar

🔹️For men (rash, itching, or burning, of the penis)

🔹️For women (PMS, vaginal itching, burning, redness, soreness, discharge, or painful/uncomfortable intercourse)

If you're struggling with chronic Candida, please reach out to me for a FREE, 20 minute, no obligation consultation.💛 I can help you figure out the appropriate testing method, so you can figure out what's REALLY causing the #candida overgrowth in the first place.

*Nothing in this post is to be taken as medical advice. Everything stated here is for educational purposes only. I do not claim to diagnose, cure, or treat disease. What you choose to incorporate from this educational post is done of your own free will.

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