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What is Energy Medicine and Bio Energetic Testing?

Updated: Feb 8

Let’s talk about energy! Personally, I believe energy medicine holds the secrets of healing for so many people. It has been instrumental in my own healing journey and I’ve been blown away by what I‘m seeing it do for my clients! First of all, let me start by saying I was raised in a conservative Christian home, so talking about energy was considered “woo-woo,” out there, new age, and bordering on sorcery, or witchcraft. I was taught that we are spiritual beings and while I absolutely still believe that, I also know now that we are also electrical/energetic beings.

Energy is everywhere, my friends! Did you know that every living cell has its own, unique energetic frequency and that those energy frequencies can actually be measured? Your specific body parts (like your brain, heart, etc) and even your emotions each carry a unique energy frequency. All objects have a frequency at which they vibrate. So, not only do humans, animals, trees, flowers, plants, music, and food have energy, but so do every day, inanimate objects, like your favorite coffee mug.

Energy medicine has been used for thousands of years, but in the modern age and with the introduction of Western and Allopathic medicine, it has sadly fallen by the wayside and been dismissed as “quackery.” However, if you’ve ever had an ultrasound, an x-ray, an MRI, an EEG, or an EKG, you’ve already fallen victim to the supposed “pseudo-science” of energy medicine, because that’s what those utilize!

Some Holistic examples of energy medicine are: acupuncture, reflexology, acupressure, reiki, tai chi, Chi Gong, homeopathy, flower essences, rife machines, the laying-on-of hands healing (when you pray for someone), distance healing (and praying for someone that is not near to you), EFT and TFT, massage, polarity therapy, sound therapy, and one of my personal favorites….bio resonance testing.

Bio resonance testing (also called bio energetic testing) has been a game-changer for me and my clients, because it measures the energy frequencies of the body and looks for disturbances. Remember, everything has its own, unique frequency; including toxins like mold, Lyme, parasites, bacteria, viruses, & other pathogens. To find out which toxins your body is resonating with, or “attracted to,” a bio resonance scan measures your body’s energy against thousands of energetic codes, to see if there are disturbances that are causing stress in the systems of your body. Some of the other disturbances that a bio resonance scan can detect are heavy metals, hormonal imbalances, food & environmental sensitivities, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, amino acid deficiencies, and more! A bio resonance scan can not be used as a diagnostic tool, but it’s a non-invasive way to get to the bottom of your health issues and facilitate natural healing!

The beauty of a bio resonance scan is that it gives you a customized approach to your healing journey. Personally, I do not believe in blanket protocols, or one-size-fits-all remedies. We are all bio-individual, so what works for one person may not work for another. So many of my clients come to me, after spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on purchasing protocols and supplements they were hoping would fix their health issues. Doing a bio resonance scan takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out what herbs, or remedies are right for you, because your body’s unique energy is tested against a wide array of supplements, herbals, and homeopathics. You are then given a customized list of remedies that YOUR body actually wants, in order to return to balance.

Bio resonance testing is safe for all age groups (even infants, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women) and is non-invasive. All you do is send in a small sample of your saliva and hair!

The company I work with has a FABULOUS reputation and the testimonies they receive from people, who have seen major changes in their health, are AMAZING! If you're interested in trying a bio resonance scan, I have a Practitioner code that will save you $20 off any scan. You can also reach out to me, privately, and I can send you some videos of what the scans look like!

Here's what you do:

1) Create an account at here, at CBH Energetics and choose which scan you want to order.

The most popular scan is called the "Full Scan." This scan gives you a complete list of what vitamin & mineral deficiencies, parasites, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, molds, fungi, chemicals, & other pathogens are resonating in your body and causing stress to you. It also gives you a reading of any food & environmental sensitivities that are resonating with you, plus, it shows any hormonal issues, any deficiencies in amino acids, & any deficiencies in stomach acid & digestive enzymes. It also shows you a color coded printout of which systems in your body are under stress (like the heart, digestive system, lymphatic system, adrenals, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, endocrine, etc). Lastly, it gives you a list of 5-6 remedies that your body is resonating with, in order to cleanse & heal. The regular price for the Full scan is $349, but you get $20 off, when you use my code (apm).

The second, most popular scan is the "Balancing Scan." This scan costs $158, but you get $20 OFF at checkout, when you use my code (apm). You get a LOT of bang for your buck with this scan, too! This scan gives you a complete list of what vitamin & mineral deficiencies, parasites, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, molds, fungi, chemicals, & other pathogens are resonating in your body and causing stress to you. It also shows any hormonal issues, any deficiencies in amino acids, & any deficiencies in stomach acid & digestive enzymes. This scan also gives you a list of remedies that your body is resonating with, in order to cleanse & heal.

The company also offers subscription packages, where you get multiple scans for the year & pay a monthly subscription fee. A lot of my clients like to get multiple scans done, as time goes on, so they can see which systems of the body are improving & what else needs to be addressed. Bio energetic scanning is very similar to peeling back the layers of an onion. The first scan you do will reveal what the body is ready to address right now (what's the top priority). You work on those things with your practitioner (me) and after you have addressed those things, you can do another scan a few months later & see what layer is ready to be peeled back next (what the body is ready to address in the next stage of your healing journey)….My code for subscriptions is apmsub, which gives you $5 OFF your monthly scan subscription package.

If you absolutely CANNOT afford to order a full scan, balancing scan, or scan subscription package, then the final option would be a “Remedy Scan.” These come to around $78, when you use my code apm at checkout. You will not get any of the information mentioned above, but the company will test the samples you send in against 600 different remedies, in order to find 5-6 remedies that your body is energetically drawn to. This gives you a customized approach to healing, as the remedies are uniquely suited to your body and its needs.

2) Once you order the scan, log out; then, log back in and go to the dashboard. In the dashboard, you will submit a report. This report can be submitted for yourself, or a family member. This report will ask you detailed information about your symptoms and health history. There will be a section in the report where you will "agree to share scan results." You will also put my code there (apm), as this will give the company permission to send the results of your report to me.

3) The company will send you a kit in the mail, which usually takes about 3-5 business days to arrive. The kit will have specific instructions on how to send in your samples. You will need about 1 teaspoon of hair from anywhere on the body and a swab of saliva...OR about 1 teaspoon of fingernail/toenail clippings and a swab of saliva. You will simply return the kit to the company, with your samples inside, in the pre-paid envelope they provide for you.

If you're ordering from outside the US or Canada, then you won't get a kit in the mail. The company will reach out to you, via email, once they see you've placed an order and give you instructions on how to send your samples into the United States.

4) Once the company receives your kit, they will send you an email. From there, it takes a little less than 2 weeks to get the results of your scan (a little longer for those outside of the US or Canada). The results will be emailed to you and will also be emailed to me.

I want to hear from you! Which energy medicine modalities have you tried in the past? Which ones are your favorite and why?



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