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Foods Parasites Don't Like & Other Things to Eat on a Parasite Cleanse!

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

You're going to hear SO MANY differing opinions about what to eat, while you're on a parasite cleanse & it can be confusing. Some will say a raw diet is best & will tell you to avoid cooked food. Others will tell you to avoid meat, dairy, & all carbs. Some people will even tell you to fast, in order to starve the parasites.

Here's the deal: parasites will eat EVERYTHING you eat!!

Here's what I tell my clients:

Eating nutrient dense foods is CRUCIAL, when you're on a parasite cleanse! Parasite cleansing is not easy on the body, so the last thing you want to do is deprive yourself of nutrients. In fact, you WANT to give the parasites a reason to come out of hiding, so fasting is not ideal, during a cleanse.

The BEST thing you can do is avoid all processed foods, eat nutrient dense foods on your cleanse, & take your anti parasitic herbs with a meal, or right before a meal. That way, when the parasites come into your intestinal tract to feast on your meal, they get blasted with herbs that kill them and their eggs!

How to eat on a parasite cleanse:

Choose wild caught fish & organic, or 100% grass-fed meats.

Choose organic, pasture raised eggs and poultry.

Choose dairy that's organic, or 100% grass-fed. Raw dairy is even better! If you so choose, you can limit dairy, while on a parasite cleanse.

Starchy vegetables should be limited to 1 cup per day, while on a parasite cleanse (sweet potatoes, corn, regular potatoes, etc)

Try to keep fruits to a minimum, while on a parasite cleanse. I don't agree with eliminating fruits completely, because the sweetness will give the parasites a reason to come into the intestinal tract (and that's when you will hit them with the anti parasitic herbs).

Nut & seed milks should be used in moderation. Watch for hidden sugars, thickeners, & other additives in the ingredients of the nut/seed milks you buy. Aim to buy organic nut & seed milks that only contain simple ingredients.

Pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds are top parasite killers! All other nuts & seeds should be eaten in moderation (sprouted nuts & seeds are even better)! Make sure your nuts & seeds are organic & don't contain oil additives.

Grains should be pretty much non-existent, so try to avoid rice, bread, pastas, etc.

Quinoa, beans, & lentils are okay, in moderation (try to limit them to 1 cup per day)

NO sodas, processed foods, table sugar, alcohol, sugary drinks, or juice (unless it's freshly made juice, or purchased as cold pressed, & consumed in moderation).

Raw honey, stevia, monk fruit, 100% maple syrup, & coconut sugar are okay in moderation, but again, watch for hidden sugars & junk in the Stevia you buy (try to limit these to 1 tbsp per day).

Coconut oil, grass-fed butter, grass-fed ghee, olive oil, & avocado oil are fine, but keep away from canola oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, safflower oil, etc. Make sure your oils & fats are organic, cold pressed, or 100% grass-fed.

Another thing to consider, most olive & avocado oils have hidden canola oil in them (even the organic brands). They did a study recently & of all the avocado oils tested, only two brands were completely pure (Chosen Foods Avocado Oil and Marianne's Harvest Brands Avocado Oil). When picking out olive oil, look at the back and see where it has been sourced. It should only come from one area, not multiple countries & farms... If it says it was sourced from multiple locations, don't buy it.

Foods Parasites Don’t Like:

Certain foods kill parasites, make your body inhospitable to parasites, and even paralyze parasites (making it easier for you to pass them).

Eating these foods regularly is EXTREMELY beneficial, although not typically enough to conquer a severe parasitic infection. During a parasite cleanse, you want to consume these foods in higher amounts (but proceed with caution)

Not everyone is at a point in their health journey, where their body is ready to use strong herbs for parasite cleansing, so introducing foods, like these, can be a gentler way to start cleansing your body of unwanted critters.

I recommend starting with ONE of these foods at a time; eat it for a few days in a row, and see how you tolerate it. If everything seems "a-okay," then you can incorporate another food from this list, into your diet. Remember, it is always best to proceed gently, when trying to clear the body of pathogens.

Foods Parasites Don’t Like:

Garlic (especially raw)

Raw honey

Coconut meat & coconut oil




Bitter melon


Pumpkin seeds

Cucumber seeds

Watermelon seeds

Sunflower seeds


Papaya seeds







Aloe vera





Raw carrots


Fermented foods



Spicy foods

Lemons and limes

Apple cider vinegar (with the mother)

*This post is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be taken as medical advice.

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