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All About BioFilm!

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is what parasites and other pathogens create, as they merge together. They use it like a protective cloak, hiding in it, so they can stay in your body longer! Biofilm causes a LOT of inflammation in your body, so you definitely want to get rid of it, but it’s not easy!

Your immune system recognizes biofilm, but because of its protective shield, your white blood cells and immune system are unable to address it (which causes autoimmune symptoms). Busting up biofilms is crucial for effectively eradicating parasites and other pathogens!

What does biofilm look like? It’s usually slimy, like mucous. Biofilm can look almost identical to mimosa pudica, so if you’ve been using mimosa pudica on your parasite cleanse, it may be harder to differentiate if what you are passing is indeed biofilm.

Here are photos of biofilm from some of my clients:

Sometimes, biofilm can be in the shape of what looks like a parasite, as they encase themselves in it and it can form to the body-shape of larger parasites, like roundworms. How can you tell if what you passed is a parasite, or biofilm? A parasite will be firm and harder to break apart and biofilm will be jelly-like and easy to break apart.

To break through biofilms, your drainage pathways need to be open and you need to use certain products to “bust up” the biofilm!

Here’s a list of some biofilm busters:

Biocidin Caprylic acid Chitosan Cinnamon Cistus tea Curcumin Garlic Ginger Lactoferrin Magnesium





Oregano Ozone







Biofilm busters can be purchased on my Fullscript account for a discounted rate (for those in the United States). When you go to Fullscript, go to the catalog and look for “favorites.” You will find all my favorite things in that area, including a folder called “biofilm busters.” If you make a Fullscript account with me, I apply a 20% discount to all your orders and you get free shipping on orders of $50 or more!

Here’s the link to create a Fullscript account with me:

If you’re NOT in the United States, please reach out to me personally for links to sites that I trust, where you can purchase biofilm busters, or other products for parasite cleansing.

For an even longer list of biofilm busters, check out my Biofilm course!

For ALL the info you need to safely and effectively parasite cleanse yourself and your family (including that longer list of biofilm busters), check out my Parasites 101 Master Course!

*Disclaimer - Nothing in this post is to be taken as medical advice. I do not claim to diagnose, cure, or treat disease. Everything stated here is for educational purposes only. What you choose to incorporate from this educational document is done of your own free will.

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