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What Are Binders & Why Should You Be Using Them?

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Binders are ESSENTIAL, when you're doing a parasite cleanse, but even if you're not on a parasite cleanse, binders can be super helpful for grabbing onto toxins in your body & shuttling them out! If you have ANY toxins in your body, most of those toxins will hide in your lymphatic system. When you do anything to move the lymph, those toxins will be stirred up.

So, what's going to stir up your lymphatic system?

Exercising, walking, sweating, saunas, massages, hot baths, dry brushing, rebounding, dancing, deep breathing, colonics, & enemas are a few examples.If you do ANY of these things, then a binder would be beneficial for you!

Parasites act like a sponge & go through the body, mopping up other toxins, like chemicals, heavy metals, mold, mycotoxins, fungus, bacteria, & viruses.

When you use herbs, homeopathics, or other modalities to kill parasites, they release the toxins they're holding onto & those nasty toxins go back into your system. Your body has to recirculate those toxins all over again, which puts a tremendous strain on your liver & kidneys; plus, it usually makes you feel awful!

Binders will grab onto the toxins that were released by the parasites & help to effectively shuttle them out of the body; which will also help you to feel less cruddy, on your parasite cleanse!!

How to use binders:

It's best to take your binder right before, or right after you're going to do an activity that will move the lymphatic system (anything from the list mentioned previously). Binders should be taken 2 hours away from any other medications, or supplements. I encourage my clients to utilize the "kill, bind, sweat" protocol, made famous by Dr. Jessica Peatross! First, take your anti parasitic product! Two hours later, take your binder. Then, do something to move your lymphatic system and/or something that makes you SWEAT!!

Types of Binders:

*Activated charcoal, bamboo charcoal, coconut charcoal, & any kind of charcoal (I'm not a huge fan of these for long-term use, as they can cause constipation & contribute to nutritional deficiencies, when used for more than 3 days).

*Bentonite clay (a good option for many, but can cause constipation for some people).

*Organic pectin from apples & other fruits (great for kids, as these can be mixed into drinks & smoothies)!

*Fulvic acid, humic acid, & zeolite

*Food grade diatomaceous earth (a combo of a binder & and anti parasitic).

*Mimosa pudica (a sticky substance that helps to grab onto parasites, biofilm, & mucoid plaque).

*Chlorella - You have to be very careful where you purchase this, as even organic brands are often contaminated with glyphosate & heavy metals. My favorite chlorella is from Perfect Supplements, because it's organic, fair trade, & certified glyphosate-free (keep reading for my code to save 10% OFF this brand)!

My FAVORITE binders are by CellCore Biosciences, because they grab onto toxins at the cellular level, don't cause constipation, are regularly tested for contaminants, & they cross the blood/brain barrier! It's important to get any toxins that have crossed the blood/brain barrier OUT!! Having mold, heavy metals, Lyme, & parasites in the brain increases your chances of developing Alzheimers, dementia, MS, and other disorders (keep reading to find out how to get my code for 15% OFF Cellcore Biosciences binders)!!

How to Purchase high Quality Binders:

*Cellcore - You can only get these with a Practitioner code, so if you’re interested in using my code, please reach out to me, via email. Cellcore products are very potent, so it’s important to have a Practitioner walking you through dosing & troubleshooting. I give 15% OFF all orders of Cellcore products, as well!

*Chlorella - You can purchase this on the Perfect Supplements website here, (my code APM10 will save you 10% at checkout).

*Fullscript - There are LOTS of great binders on my Fullscript account, as well as anything else you might need for a parasite cleanse! I give a 20% discount, when you sign up & shipping is FREE on orders of $50 or more. Reach out, via email, if you want my Fullscript link, or click here:

Happy cleansing, everyone!

*This post is for educational purposes only & is not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat disease.

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